Selim YAZICI, Ph.D.

Professor at Istanbul University

Co-Founder of FinTech Istanbul

Selim YAZICI is Professor of Management and Organization at Department of Business Administration at Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Sciences. He received his BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Yildiz Technical University and his MSc and PhD in Business Administration from Istanbul University. He is also Adjunct Professor at Marmara University, Banking and Insurance Institute, Department of Insurance (2009-2016) and Ozyegin University, Graduate School of Business, Financial Engineering and Risk Management Program (2018-…).

He is lecturing on Entrepreneurship, Digital Insurance, Financial Technologies, Project Management, Business Continuity Management, Business, Management, Organizational Behavior and International Business both at undergraduate and graduate levels.

He is a true believer of technology and the opportunities that it can deliver. With this vision, he has designed a research project about the digitalization processes of insurance companies from production to sales, and after sales and put a strategic vision for insurance industry with his colleague, and published it as a book entitled “Electronic Insurance” (2002) in Turkish.  

His research interests are Digital Transformation, Disruptive Technologies, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Financial Technologies (FinTech), Insurance Technologies (InsurTech), Business Continuity Management, Team Building, Leadership and Experiential Learning. He is the author of three other books namely: Learning Organizations (2001), E-Learning (2004), and Business Continuity Management (2013).

He is the co-founder of FinTech Istanbul, a platform for supporting financial technology (FinTech) startups and building a strong ecosystem in Turkey. He has also designed a “FinTech 101 Training Program” for entrepreneurs, corporates, and investors which is the first program of its kind in Turkey.

Selim YAZICI is a member of Turkish Quality Association (KalDer), Academy of International Business (AIB) and The Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (TMMOB).